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We know that details are important for the airline industry, every dollar and every minute counts. Therefore, we are very proud that we can offer supervision products and services that ensure that companies have the lowest possible cost while keeping control of quality, monitoring and deliveries performed by third parties.

We tailor supervision services according to companies specific needs and we take care of our clients interests at the airport.
We ensure that monitoring of service standards and quality is an ongoing process.

We monitor and coordinate all ground handling activities performed by a third party and we do all types of supervision services at the airport.
We also perform a variety of administrative tasks for our customers.

Does your company need any type of supervision or support services at the airport?
Contact us today and we will do what we can to find a solution for your needs.

  • We provide monitoring of all ground handling activities
  • Coordinate services contracted by carrier with third parties
  • We provide airline supervision
  • Attend local airport meetings on behalf of our customers
  • Administrative support at the airport
  • Take action on communications adressed to the carrier
  • Maintain manuals, circulars, and other relevant operational docs.
  • Ensure that the third parties are informed about operational data and carriers requirements
  • Performance and reports (KPI)
  • Handle carriers company mail
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